Subdivision Platting

Subdivision platting is the process of dividing a large piece of land into smaller parcels of property. A land plat is a professionally drawn plan of how you plan to divide the land. All subdivision platting petitions need to be reviewed and approved by a proper government agency, and oftentimes, a land plat is one of the necessary documents. If you want this process to go quickly and smoothly, getting a land plat to include as part of your petition is a must. At Brixos, we can assist with subdivision planning and design. Contact us today to learn more! With a passionate, experienced team of platting experts on your side 24/7, you can feel confident that you'll get a land plat that meets your needs.

Why Subdivide My Land?

There are several reasons why a property owner may want to subdivide their land. Most of them boil down to wanting to make a profit on a new or underused parcel of land. Once you subdivide your plot into smaller lots, you can then sell those lots to people who want to buy them, or you can develop those lots yourself, turning them into rental properties you can collect passive income on. Whether you plan to sell your land for others to develop or develop it yourself, subdivision platting is a fantastic way to make money.

Get Expertly Made Plats Today

Brixos can help plan and draw a land plat for your new subdivision Whether your project is big, small, or somewhere in between, our team has the experience and skill to draw up an efficiently divided, easy-to-read plat for it. To talk about your needs regarding subdivision planning and design, create an account on our site, provide us with your contact info, and one of our team members will reach out to get started shortly.

What are you waiting for? With subdivision platting, you can effortlessly make a profit on your property. You can submit a project at app.brixos.com, give us a call or text at 713-331-1064, or email us your project at [email protected] to start the process. The sooner you start, the sooner you'll benefit!
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